Fake TV Simulator Anti-Burglar and Theft Deterrent with LED Light

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  • Visual deterrent to intruders / burglars with the illusion that someone is at home watching TV. Built-in light sensor turns the Fake TV on at dusk with selectable timing settings, giving the illusion that you at home.
  • Realistic TV programme simulation with scene changes, light flickering, on-screen motion and unpredictable colour pattern changes. Light sensor automatically triggers the Fake TV at dusk.
  • Automatically turns on when dark outside (0.5 lux) and automatic shut-off at the switch selectable time. Two settings: Dusk+4 hours and Dusk+7 hours.
  • Mains-powered - 100-240V AC Adapter included, ensuring that the Fake TV is always powered.
  • Eco friendly with low consumption helps to reduce the running cost of the Fake TV. Much safer than leaving a television set running when no one is at home.

How does the FakeTV deter burglars?

The FakeTV acts as a visual deterrent by making thieves burglars think that you are at home watching a TV. It does this by mimicking what would be viewed if you were to actually watch TV with scene changes, light fades, light flickering, on-screen motion and unpredictable colour changes. The FakeTV is fully portable and easy to setup, providing you with a great visual deterrent.

When does the FakeTV turn on?

1. The FakeTV has three different operational settings which are ?usk+4 hours? ?usk+7 hours?and ?n?
2. Simply place it near a window and its internal light sensor will automatically trigger the super bright multi-colour LED lights at dusk, simulating a working television set.


1. Plug TV Simulator into the included adaptor
2. Move the switch to "Dusk + 4hrs" = light comes on, the built-in light sensor will turn Home Security TV Simulator on when it gets dark, and it work continuously for 4hours and standby automatically
3. Or move the switch to "Dusk + 8hrs" = light comes on and it work continuously 8hours and standby automatically
4. Move the switch to the "ON" = Device will start working at once
5. Move the switch to the "OFF" = Device will turn off

  • Q:
    Can you use this on a normal timer to come on and off when you want it to?
    The unit will normally come on when it gets dark and has a choice of times to stay on (4 or 7 Hours), so not sure why you would want it on a timer. But the answer to your question is yes - the unit has a permanently on setting, so you could use your own timer when set to this.
  • Q:
    Would i require a TV licence for this device please
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