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• Master in Applied analytics or computer science

Job duties

• Write algorithms that are used to detect and analyze a very large set of data in international trading, and E-commerce export wholesale industry, examine large amount of global data on electronics appliances and gadgets online sales and analyze worldwide industry trends and competitive market strategies based on big data, then communicate those trends to the company for supporting decision-making;  

• Using big data ethics, Algorithms and Multivariate testing methodology for global market analysis, service analysis and feature improvements; 

• Develop models and frameworks that improve our supply chain management system to help in the ever-increasing business transactions and fast-rising import and export volumes;   

• Understand performance drives and build business intelligence tools to illustrate supply chain management & business performance data and help business decision making;  

• Work directly with marketing and management team to build reports, dashboards, data extracts, visualizations and various other data presentation and analysis formats following both formal and ad-hoc development practices. Be able to interpret what identified trends mean to our organizations and effectively convey that information to a variety of stakeholders.

Contact Information

• Resume to:


1230 E. Belmont Street,


CA 91761

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