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DIAFIELD Voltage Tester 12V-1000V/48V-1000V, Non Contact AC Voltage Tester, Flashing LED and Audible Warning Alarms,Wire Breakpoint


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SENSITIVE DETECTOR: DIAFIELD voltage tester with sensitive sensors measuring the voltage first time through sound and light. Once the voltage is detected, the tip will send out RED light and beep. The higher the voltage sensed, or the closer to the voltage source, the higher its beep will be. NCV sensor automatically identifies the voltage and displays it on the unit.
NON-CONTACT: Measure AC voltage with the NCV inductive probe; Simply hold the tip of the electrical tester near a terminal block, outlet or power cord, You will know that voltage is present when the tip glows and the voltage tester beeps. The live wire function detector automatically detects live or neutral wires. Ideal for breakpoint testing. A convenient circuit tester for electricians and homeowners.
DUAL RANGE: Cable of detects standard and low voltage (12-1000V AC / 48-1000V AC) . After the voltage tester power on, the default mode is high sensitivity mode. Press S button to low range for doorbells, thermostats, irrigation wiring etc.
PROFESSIONAL DESIGN: Bright LED flashlight for work in dim areas; Low-Power-Indicator(blue led light) flash when battery voltage is below 2.5V; Automatic Power Off after 5 minutes of inactivity, regardless of flashlight; Pocket size, the pen hook allows you to put it in your shirt pocket.
SAFETY COMPLAINCE: CAT III 1000V CAT IV 600V, CE Standard. The electrical tester is safely double insulated which protect you away from the Electricity.

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